Meet our physicians, nurses and therapists


Attending Physicians: Managing Care Plans

Every guest at Aperion Care is assigned a dedicated attending physician. Working in partnership with our multi-disciplinary teams, the attending physicians regularly meet with our guests as well as each of their Caregivers to understand and monitor each guest’s personal healthcare needs.


Therapists: Helping Guests Regain Independence

Our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists work with our guests, physicians, nursing team, and social services to ensure that each guest achieves rehabilitation goals in preparation for a safe and productive return home.



Social Services: Ensuring the Best Possible Experience

The Aperion social services team works closely with guests and their families to provide personalized support throughout a guest’s stay at Aperion. From helping guests adjust to the facility to addressing needs throughout each guest’s stay, our social workers help ensure a positive and rewarding experience at Aperion.


At Aperion Care, our commitment to caring starts at the top.

Our positive environment encourages better care from our caregivers. And quicker recoveries for our guests.

Our administrators, medical directors, and other leaders are committed to caring for each guest as a whole person and to establishing an environment where caregivers enjoy their jobs.

Because many of our leaders are former hands-on caregivers, they understand the importance and value of the type of care that puts guests’ needs first in every decision.

This mindset empowers our Aperion Caregivers to get to know our guests on an intimate level. It gives them the green light to go the extra mile to make sure guests are comfortable. And it enables each Caregiver to do what it takes to move each guest toward individual medical rehabilitation and personal goals.

Aperion nurses are more than just “there.” They are there for our guests & families in every way. We go beyond health care to provide personal care.

Our team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants are available to each rehab, long-term care, and psychiatric care guest around-the-clock, from the moment of arrival, through discharge, and often beyond. Our nurses get to know each one of our guests and their families on a personal level. This intimate knowledge enables our nursing team to not only follow the plan of care, but to recommend adjustments that make the difference in each guest’s health, recovery, and overall experience at Aperion.

At the time of my check-in, I did not have the ability to walk. As I began to regain strength and mobility, the entire staff made it very easy for me to transition from being bedridden to being able to walk unassisted. While I cannot wait to get to my family back home, it’s the family I made here that made a true difference in my recovery.

- J. Perez, guest at Aperion Care Jacksonville