Attending physicians and quality care

From arrival through discharge and beyond, the attending physicians at Aperion ensure the highest quality care.

Attending physicians are committed to each guest, each family, each Caregiver, and each outcome.

At Aperion Care, attending physicians work as an extension of our multi-disciplinary teams in the development of each guests’ individualized plan of care. These physicians are committed to meeting with and examining each patient shortly after arrival, and they remain intimately involved in each guest’s treatment plan. They start with the plans of care provided by each patient’s discharging physician, and they work closely with the therapists, nurses, and social services team to identify and adjust the best course of treatment based on each guest’s progress and evolving needs.

Guests and their families are also involved in their plans of care. Your physician will talk with you about your progress and your concerns. And they will work with you–not just for you–to ensure your healthcare needs are fully addressed.

Once you’ve achieved your treatment goals, physicians work with the Aperion Caregiver team, including the discharge planner, to establish a discharge plan that enables you to return home and continue your recovery.

The staff members are caring and professional and the home-like environment makes up for the rest of our needs.  Personal warmth, personal attention, and the needs of the residents come first.  I will never forget the friends I have made here, either staff or residents.

- Mark, Former Springfield Resident