Social Services

Let our social services team support your stay

The Aperion social services team rounds out our multi-disciplinary approach to care. Our team members welcome guests and residents when they first arrive at our facilities and they serve as trusted resources and guides to help you successfully adjust to your time at Aperion and get the most out of your care.

Throughout your stay, your social services team members will provide ongoing support and counseling to help you and your family fully understand your medical condition as well as your plan of care. They are intimately involved in your care, getting to know your individual needs, and acting as your advocates to make sure you and your family have a voice in your care plan. These experts bring a unique perspective to our care approach, ensuring that emotional and social needs are addressed alongside physical and clinical needs.

When you need or want specialized healthcare or other services, including support groups or programs offered outside of our facilities, our social services staff is there to help. They can also assist families with medical paperwork and processes. And they serve as a go-to source of information for questions and concerns about the facility.

When it’s time to return home, social services plays a key role in discharge and recovery planning. Social services team members stay involved even after your stay is over, following up to answer questions or provide support as needed.

For long-term residents, social services team members can assist with helping guests and their families adjust to their medical diagnoses and changes in their health or condition. They can help coordinate end-of-life or hospice care when needed, and they can provide emotional and grief support for families during this difficult transition.

From beginning to end, the social services team at Aperion helps fulfill Aperion’s dedication to high-quality, personal care. And they ensure you and your family receive the positive experience you deserve.