Stop! Why you need to swap your soda for water NOW

The Harvard School of Public Health analyzed several studies and the startling statistics they reveal about the sugary, carbonated colas many Americans drink daily. Here are some of the dangers of soft drinks:

  • Increased risk of diabetes: People drinking 1 to 2 cans per day, or more, are 26% more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes than those who rarely drink soda.
  • Increased risk of heart attack: In one study, men who average 1 can of soda per day were 20% more likely to have heart attacks. A similar study found the same link between heart disease and soda in women.
  • Greatly increased risk of gout: A study following women for 22 years found that those who drank a can per day were at 75% higher risk of developing gout than women who rarely drank soda.
  • Increased risk of obesity: The average 12oz can of non-diet soda blows past the World Health Organization’s recommended daily sugar intake (25g), most coming in at 35g or more.
  • Decreased bone density: The high levels of phosphate in soda can damage healthy bones when more phosphate is consumed than calcium.
  • Damage to teeth: The acidic compounds in soda deteriorate the enamel of your teeth. Combined with the high-sugar content, these acids can cause cavities, tooth decay, and even tooth loss over time.

To break your soda habit, try reaching for an alternative drink like unsweetened iced tea, iced coffee, 100% fruit juice, milk, or lemon water.