Care Options


Skilled Nursing Care

Most Aperion Care facilities offer Skilled Nursing Care, and our nursing staff has the training and expertise to administer a variety of advanced medical treatments in house. Our guests and residents receive treatment from Caregivers they know and trust without the hassle of coordinating transportation to and from outside facilities.

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Short-Term Rehabilitation

Following a life-altering injury or illness, Aperion Care provides an encouraging, home-like environment to facilitate your recovery. Our multi-disciplinary teams of therapists, nurses, and social services professionals work collaboratively with your attending physician to develop a comprehensive and personalized care plan to help you heal and to make you feel right at home–until you can return to your own home.

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Long-Term Living

Many of our Aperion Care facilities specialize in the needs of long-term care residents, including individuals who need Assisted Living, as well residents with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, hospice, or palliative care requirements. Our home-like environments are comfortable and comforting, and our Caregivers are attentive, compassionate, and respectful. Skilled nursing is available around the clock and specialized care can be provided to meet each resident’s individual needs.

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Aperion Care facilities with Psychiatric units offer safe, structured, and home-like environments for guests with a chronic mental illness. Our caregivers receive specialized and ongoing training to ensure the optimal quality of life for residents, including de-escalation training and crisis prevention training. Compassion and respect for the dignity of each resident drives our psychiatric team to help build self-esteem and daily living skills.

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Memory Care

Aperion Care facilities with Garden units offer warm, secured, and engaging home-like environments for guests in need of memory care. Our caregivers practice evidenced-based, person-centered communication and incorporate the Montessori method, sensory activities, life skill stations and music to help residents reconnect with pleasant past events.

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