Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing provided

Most Aperion Care facilities offer Skilled Nursing Care, and our nursing staff has the training and expertise to administer a variety of advanced medical treatments in house. Our guests and residents receive treatment from Caregivers they know and trust without the hassle of coordinating transportation to and from outside facilities.


Specialized Treatments Offered at Aperion Care:

Wound Care
Aperion’s robust wound-care protocols ensure our guests receive prompt attention for existing wounds or post-surgical incisions, including wounds caused by venous-stasis ulcers, decubitus or pressure ulcers, and diabetic ulcers. Our nursing staff is skilled at treating wounds in order to promote proper healing and can help our guests with managing wound pain.

IV/ Infusion Therapy
Many Aperion locations offer IV and infusion therapy to assist guests with a variety of illnesses and conditions. Antibiotic therapy is available to help treat systemic infections such as sepsis or cellulitis. IV therapy can also be used as a pain management strategy to help alleviate pain post-surgery, or it may be used to administer fluids to help treat or prevent dehydration. In all cases, trusted Aperion Caregivers administer these therapies, allowing guest to remain comfortably at our facilities for their healthcare treatments.

Feeding Tubes
From time to time, a guest or resident may require the assistance of a feeding tube to ensure proper nutrition. For example, patients who have suffered a stroke with resulting dysphasia, patients who are aspirating or who have a history of aspiration pneumonia, and patients who are unable to swallow, who have digestive disorders, or who are failing to thrive may need a feeding tube. To ensure proper care, many Aperion facilities offer expertise in managing and maintaining the most common types of feeding tubes, including G-tubes, PEG tubes, NG tubes, and J-Tubes.

Respiratory Therapy
For our guests diagnosed with COPD, pneumonia, aspiration pneumonia, asthma, or ventilator dependency, a number of Aperion locations offer complete care for advanced respiratory needs, including Ventilator Units and Tracheostomy Care.

Medication Management
Every guest experience at Aperion begins with a personalized care plan complete with all prescribed medications. A team of nurses, therapists, and an attending physician constantly monitor and evaluate the medication plan for effectiveness and adjust it as needed. Many of our guests require assistance with managing medications, including individuals with sight or memory impairments that can make it difficult to correctly administer medications. Skilled Aperion nurses work closely with our guests to help them understand their medication regimen and ensure they receive the correct dosages. Our nurses also work with patients and their families to plan for proper medication management once a guest returns home.

skilled nursingIn-House Hemodialysis
Hemodialysis can be a time-consuming and exhausting routine for guests who are dealing with chronic kidney disease, renal insufficiency, or kidney failure. By offering the procedure in-house, guests can remain comfortable during treatment and recover more quickly afterward.

Diabetes Management
Aperion Caregivers use a combination of medication, diet, and lifestyle factors to effectively treat guests with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Caregivers can help guests understand the correct course of action for managing their diabetes diagnosis at our facility and for continued healing once they return home.

Congestive Heart Failure Management
For guests with advanced cardiac needs due to congestive heart failure, Aperion Caregivers will create and implement a care plan that balances medication, diet, and lifestyle choices to help manage the condition and its side effects and to help prevent or reduce progression of the disease.