It's who we are.

When caring is not just what you do– but a part of who you are– you’ll find yourself at home at Aperion Care.

At Aperion, we all care for our patients . . .  and for each other.

Starting with our highest administrators and corporate leadership, Aperion Care is committed to creating healthy environments where our caregivers enjoy their work. And our guests can get the most from their recovery experience.

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I’ve been a nurse for 30 years, and I’ve been here for the past 17 years. When I first walked in the door, I realized I was home. Every morning, I’m greeted with smiles and warm people.  Who wouldn’t want to work in a setting with such a pleasant atmosphere? I’ve enjoyed working as a team that takes pride in what they do.

- Patricia, Nurse at Aperion Care Dolton

Why Aperion?


A Positive Place to Work

At Aperion Care, we believe that happy, fulfilled employees lead to positive, healthy environments where guests can feel more comfortable and heal more quickly.

A Collaborative Work Environment

The Aperion Caregivers on our multi-disciplinary teams work together to create, monitor, and adjust each guest’s personalized plan of care. Our collaborative approach is designed to help our guests more quickly and effectively achieve medical rehabilitation and personal goals.


Strong Relationships

As Aperion Caregivers, we build deep personal connections with our coworkers, our guests, and our guests’ families. It makes our work–and our guests’ experience–more effective and more rewarding.