Guests and families

Aperion Care guests and their families are more than people we treat.

They are individuals we care for. In every sense of the word.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery, or you need long-term care, as a guest at Aperion Care, you will receive around-the-clock skilled nursing care.  Aperion guests also benefit from physical, occupational, and speech therapy up to 7 days per week.

Our multi-disciplinary team of Aperion Caregivers includes, nurses, therapists, and social services directors who work collaboratively with your doctor and the attending physicians at Aperion Care to develop your individualized plan of care. Throughout your stay, your team of caregivers continually monitors and revises your plan to ensure you always receive the medical, rehabilitative, and personal care you need to recover properly, reach your individual goals, and achieve the best possible quality of life. .

While every Aperion Care location shares a common commitment to providing a personal level of caring that goes beyond providing healthcare, each facility offers its own menu of services and its own unique setting. Find the Aperion Care location that’s right for you.


I am very grateful for both my occupational and physical therapists. They worked me really hard but always made it a joy. Their sense of humor and professionalism were excellent. They prepared me for my return home, and even checked up on me to make sure I was still doing ‘my exercises.’  I would definitely recommend Aperion Care to anyone.

- Fred, Guest at Aperion Care International

Why Aperion?


Personalized Plan of Care

At Aperion Care, we treat you like the individual you are. Your plan of care is personalized to match your needs and goals, and it’s constantly monitored and adjusted based on your rate of improvement.

Healthy Environment

From our administrators to every member of the Aperion Care staff, we understand the importance of providing a positive experience and a healthy environment to help enhance the recovery process.


Support for the Entire Family

In addition to medical care and therapy, Aperion Caregivers are equally committed to providing guests and their families with the information they need as well as the emotional support they deserve. We make the experience as positive as possible for every member of the family.