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Because the only place we want your patients to return to. . .  is home. Our goal is to help your patients get better, return home, and stay out of the hospital.

At Aperion Care, our personalized brand of caring extends beyond the guests and families we treat to include the medical providers we serve. Aperion Caregivers are dedicated to helping your patients grow stronger and return home as quickly possible. Because that’s what’s best for our patients, and for our referring physicians.

What’s more, our caring doesn’t stop at discharge. Every member of the Aperion Care team works passionately to make sure your patients continue to improve and stay healthy. We help each guest achieve his or her optimal level of health so guests can return to productive and satisfying lives at home.

While every Aperion Care location shares a common commitment to providing a personal level of caring that goes beyond providing healthcare, each facility offers its own menu of services and its own unique setting. Find the Aperion Care location that’s right for your patients.


Therapy is doing a great job. My dad was not able to stand when he arrived. He now can walk around the unit with a cane. They are very attentive and are taking good care of my dad. He has improved so much in his short time here.

- Constance, Aperion Care Forest Park

Why Aperion?


Personal Attention

While Aperion Caregivers continuously monitor and adapt each guests’ care plan based on individual medical rehabilitation needs, we also consider our guests’ personal goals and the wishes of their family. We provide comprehensive, personalized attention that considers the whole person. And it makes the difference to our guests–and their recovery.

Healthy Environment

From our administrators to every member of the Aperion Care staff, we understand the importance of providing a positive experience and a healthy environment to help enhance the recovery process.


Diverse Care Options

Whether your patient is recovering from a major stroke, needs rehabilitation following a routine knee replacement, or requires psychiatric treatment, there is an Aperion Care location that is right for you and your patient.